Why Sales CRM Matters

Creating a social profile of our customers is the basis of everything. Knowing our customers helps us offer interesting services that will benefit them.

– “Bruno Cercley, CEO, Rossignol”

An Customer Relationship Management system focuses on strategies to manage customer interactions throughout the customer life-cycle. Though the interactions become multi-channel the fact remains that a sales person is the most important touch point for any customer interaction.

Typically, every sales managers find it easy to see the benefits of adopting a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System. They appreciate that in CRM their sales data is going to be stored centrally and presented in an easy way, allowing them to monitor processes, staff performance and, as a result, optimize sales.

But what about average sales people?

More often than not it is them who are not all “happy-go-lucky” about CRM in the beginning.

Sales people often see CRM as another tool, as more work and just another way for their bosses keeping track of their work. It is also the extra time that is spent on entering data into the CRM application that adds to the irritation. Sales people think that this keeps them from their main task – selling.

But this blog is not about how CRM actually improves the lives of sales people, or more importantly, why sales people need CRM!

1. Enjoy a safe storage space

2. Plan and time-manage like a pro

3. Activity reports? – No brainer!

4. Stop surfing, start targeting

5. Stay up-to-date on what’s happening

6. Show up in time for the new sale

7. Rationalize your sales moves

8. Know what your customers really want

9. Cut down on admin tasks

10. Save money

As people says – sales people and CRM is not an immediate “match made in heaven”, but the more time these two spend together – the stronger the attraction between them becomes.If they are adopted and used correctly, CRM is going to boost the performance of any sales team, and will help sales people to excel in various areas

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