What is CRM?

CRM software helps companies stay close to their customers by managing all aspects of the relationship. That spans the entire customer lifecycle: first contact, ongoing inquiries, lead nurturing, conversion, renewal and long-term interaction. “CRM” stands for customer relationship management, which goes far beyond chasing leads and closing sales. CRM tool provide companies with the customer data they need so that they can provide services or products that their customers want, provide better customer service, cross-sell and up-sell more effectively, close deals, retain current customers and better understand who their customers are.

Benefits of CRM Software for Sales People

An Customer Relationship Management system focuses on strategies to manage customer interactions throughout the customer life-cycle. Though the interactions become multi-channel the fact remains that a sales person is the most important touch point for any customer interaction. A modern CRM Software when explored and used to the fullest, proves more than beneficial to Sales People, turning out to be an indispensable tool eventually.

Why use Mobile CRM for Sales?

With more 70% of the traffic to the leading websites is generated from mobile devices, it only makes sense to have a mobile first strategy for your business. Not only, customers are using mobile to access information around the web, mobile e-commerce is also high on rise. In 2017 only, the mobile e-commerce total-ed more than $1000.05 billion which represented a growth of around 70.7% over the previous year.


NeoCRM builds you a sophisticated customer database to let you deliver great customer service at no extra efforts. With the system’s calibre of doing automatic follow-ups reaching your customer’s email and mobile inbox at the quoted time, NeoCRM strive to be a smarter CRM tool for your business, saving your time and energy, building your business relations.