Why use Mobile CRM for Sales, with more 70% of the traffic to the leading websites is generated from mobile devices, it only makes sense to have a mobile first strategy for your business. Not only, customers are using mobile to access information around the web, mobile e-commerce is also high on rise. In 2017 only, the mobile e-commerce total-ed more than $1000.05 billion which represented a growth of around 70.7% over the previous year. This makes it easy to speculate that the businesses which are lacking in their mobile strategy will gradually give space to ones that are using Mobile CRM strategic advantage for their Business. Today’s businesses have recognized the need to provide updated information to the Sales people in real time as more and more users expect a mobile first experience. The one way in which you can build a mobile first strategy for your business is using a CRM platform. Using a CRM for Sales, Marketing and Customer Service is the norm fact and smart businesses are bringing the whole experience to mobile. The given “link” , we will focus on how Mobile CRM assists Sales people in their day to day tasks and helps them spend more time with the customers selling to them rather than spending precious time on administrative tasks.

NeoCRM gives you a truly mobile CRM solution and experience, built for the modern mobile business person who wants to stay informed and get active support 24/7.

NeoCRM is one few CRM providers software solutions that gives you the complete CRM package on computers, smartphones and tablets.

Work with NeoCRM on any of the above device you prefer for your specific situation. With NeoCRM your team don’t even need computers anymore.

With NeoCRM Software Solutions you can work with customers and collaborate with colleagues wherever you are, whenever you want.

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