An extraordinary new approach to CRM

You’re not just purchasing a CRM product, you’re investing in a CRM solution to address one or more critical business issues. The success of that solution won’t be determined by software alone. Success is predicated on bringing the right mix of people, processes, and technology together to achieve a common goal.

NeoCRM offers a variety of CRM solutions to address your organization and industry specific challenges. These solutions combine the adaptability of the NeoCRM platform, a rich ecosystem, and NeoCRM’s customer relationship expertise to address your most critical business needs.

Relationship Analytics

Customer relationships are among a company’s most valuable asset, but a large majority of daily interaction between customers and businesses happens outside of their CRM Application. Traditional CRM Solutions often fail because they are effectively just systems of record that require significant manual labour to document the past.

Relationship Analytics for NeoCRM solution allow organizations to leverage their most valuable asset – the Collective Relationship Network. The solution surfaces previously hidden and untapped insights, which are seamlessly integrated into NeoCRM.

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Customer Journey

Managing customer expectations has never been more important to your business success. Effective management of those expectations requires you to define and conduct client-first engagements in an ever-changing environment. These engagements take the form of customer journeys ranging from micro-journeys such as onboarding and account planning to the entirety of the customer lifecycle.

NeoCRM offers solutions that will capture and automate any journey with rules driven behavior regardless of size or complexity. Managing these journeys will enable you to follow your sales playbook, drive growth, and increase retention.

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Customer Success

Customer success isn’t defined by internal sales and service metrics. Its measured by the value that customers receive from the relationship they have with your business. Strengthening that relationship requires you to adopt the customer’s perspective and to guide the customer in achieving their goals. NeoCRM offers solutions that will help you better understand your customers and effectively optimize each customer engagement to meet your customer’s goals and achieve yours in turn.

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Financial services

The financial service industry is under unprecedented pressure to deliver personalized client service in an increasingly tech-savvy world where consumers expect excellence. Demands for improved service, transparency and changing client service patterns are exposing the financial service industry to potential fines as the industry battles to meet customer and client demands, whilst adhering to compliance and regulatory controls.

With NeoCRM, your team of financial services professionals can deliver personal experience to each of your clients every time.

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