NeoCRM is a powerful tool developed for strong customer relationship management. Having a proper Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system can bring numerous benefits to your business. After all, performing effective Customer Relationship Management requires tools that have intelligence and agility at the service of the customer, combined with practicality and ease of use for employees.

Our CRM module fits the needs of each customer, delivering excellent gains in increased operator productivity, better operational management and reduced automated activities. That’s because our CRM offers features like repetitive search automation, sales and service funnel, sign-up, history, smart filters, reports, and all with desktop or in-app tracking available for Android and iOS phones.

Among various differentials are its speed of deployment, its ability to integrate with all dial-in and service platforms, great success in process automation, and the customization of CRM to work exactly as your business needs.

Thus, our customers can have their KPIs calculated as desired, their reports with filters, tables and graphs in the format that suits them best. Customer knowledge: Relationship history, segmentation, reason for contact, value, region, gender, age etc In a nutshell, our NeoCRM is designed for companies looking for increased productivity, quicker troubleshooting, greater short-term automation without losing quality and efficiency in customer relationships.

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