Account Management

Leverage a complete view across the entire customer lifecycle to optimize your relationship with each individual customer. Maximize efficiency by presenting the right information to each individual based on their role and personal preference. Leverage context-sensitive dashlets to obtain even deeper insight.

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Opportunity Management

Increase your sales win rate by prioritizing the right opportunities and optimizing activities for each individual customer. Capture all pertinent details across the entire sales and customer lifecycle. Promote best practices. Stay engaged with ubiquitous access to information across any device and the applications sales use the most.

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Sales Collaboration

Harness the power of your whole organization through a collaborative sales CRM platform. Easily identify and connect with experts across your organization. Enable context-sensitive discussions that are easily cross-referenced in the future. Increase knowledge sharing by allowing individuals to classify information in a manner that makes sense to them. And with NeoCRM’s email, calendar and file integration, you can save time by working in the applications you use the most. Automatically synchronize email and calendar information from Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, IBM Lotus Notes, Yahoo! Mail, and IMAP based email servers. Easily store and retrieve files within NEOCRM or third-party sources like Google and

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Process Automation

Define processes that work the way you want to work. Capture best practices in a visual process editor powered by a standards-based process engine. Automate decisions and routing with business rules. Minimize the delays and confusion that can arise from approvals or hand-offs.

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Pipeline Management

Sell smarter, faster with real-time, personalized access to every deal with the best CRM for sales. Track early indicators and changes affecting your pipeline according to your business needs and personal preferences. Increase revenue by spending time on the right deals at the right time. Clearly understand performance versus forecast, and what it will take to make your number.

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Sales Analytics

Sell smarter by delivering deep insight to every screen. Create multiple personalized dashboards to optimize for short-term and long-term goals. Select from a wealth of out-of-the-box, third-party, and custom Dashlets to see every angle. Easily define and share reports, charts, and graphs that capture critical metrics.
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Mobile Productivity

Access information across any device even when you’re offline. Easily find and edit the information you need using a native Android and iOS mobile client that is optimized for the device. Store and edit records while offline that will be automatically applied when you regain connectivity. Configure the mobile client’s branding, distribution, local storage and security according to your specific business needs.

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Sales Development and prospecting

Shorten the time from lead to opportunity. Prioritize the right engagements. Deliver the correct message using the correct channel. Leverage history captured in other internal systems and across the web to answer the questions you didn’t think to ask. Seamlessly hand-off all critical knowledge to other team members when you identify a real opportunity.
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